Tuesday, September 04, 2018

I did not know that.

I mean, I knew that the Canuck-made rifle optic was called the "Elcan", presumably after its manufacturer, and I knew that Leica had long had a presence in Canada. But I had never made the obvious connection...
"KE-7As were fitted with modified shutters to operate in temperatures to -20 degrees Fahrenheit, were dust sealed for military field conditions and made to withstand explosive concussion (i.e. bomb blast). The 460 military versions were engraved to indicate that they were standard issue US Army property ( specifically, each with FSN (Federal Stock Number), Cont. (contract designation), and U.S. (United States) markings) and came supplied with a Leitz Midland made 50mm f2 “Elcan”. The Elcan 50mm f2 (“Elcan” being a contraction of “Ernst Leitz Canada”) was constructed of 4 elements for minimum size for military use. Where the “KE-7A” designation comes from is anyone’s guess."
Optics are, after all, optics. It's a rare camera company that's not hip-deep into scopes and rangefinders and microscopes and such.

It's too bad the C79 is such an expensive optic. They're generally not preferred by anybody who can get their hands on alternatives from Trijicon, Aimpoint, or any of several quality makers of low-power variables, but it would be neat to have one in the collection just because of the Leica connection. There's a used one on Gunbroker right now, but it's the US M145 variant, which is intended for use on SAWs and 240s. And $600 for a "meh" scope I'd never put on a working gun, just because it has a cool camera connection is not the sort of thing I can do.