Sunday, September 02, 2018

Out of Touch

I watched some of McCain's funeral service yesterday, and watched Meet the Press this morning. The latter could not stop talking about the former.

There were many commentators yesterday talking about how they hoped this was going to be some sort of bridge between the Left and the Right, and noting the bipartisan nature of the affair.

I had to laugh when I heard that, and rather thought Chuck had the right of it when he asked Senator Senator Sullivan (R-AK) if this hadn't been the funeral of bipartisanship itself. I guessed ahead of time what I was going to find when I went out and made my daily rounds of the net, and I wasn't wrong.

Sure, the Center Left and Center Right just made a big show of bemoaning the divisiveness of the current political scene, but out on the the internets both the Progressive Left and Reactionary Right were dancing jigs on his flag-draped coffin. Whether they called it the Establishment or the Swamp, they saw McCain as the problem.

The reactionary culture warriors? They only pine for the Good Ol' Days of white folk hat-tipping and ma'am-ing and sir-ing each other. They don't actually practice that "culture" stuff. They're too busy making frog may-mays.

To the progressive culture warriors, meanwhile, almost everyone deserves a safe space where they won't get triggered, but McCain just joined the least protected class of all: Dead White European Males. Apparently the grave's not even a safe space for those guys.