Sunday, November 25, 2018

Six hundred...

Back to Indy Arms Co on Saturday afternoon with the P89 and another hundred rounds of CCI Blazer Brass 124gr FMJ.
I'm finally developing a reasonable amount of speed with the P89, but it's the opposite of effortless. The slide is a lot of reciprocating mass on this thing, and the backstrap is so poorly-shaped that it's difficult to mitigate recoil by choking way up on the thing.

Sharp-eyed readers will note that it's still weeping visible oil out from the slide grooves. There's plenty of lubricant left here, which means it's no surprise that the gun continues to run without issues.

This makes 600 rounds since the gun was last cleaned or lubricated with no stoppages of any type to report. 1,400 rounds to go.