Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Caveat Emptor, Baby

Colt's New Line single action solid-frame pocket revolvers are an affordable relic from the days of the Old West, especially considering what Colt's larger revolvers go for.

Most I've run across aren't working, and it's rarely worth the effort to try and get one running, but they're neat little paperweights all the same.

Colt made them for a few years in several different calibers: .22, .30, .32, .38, and .41, all rimfire. The reason they stopped making them was so many companies blatantly ripped them off, selling them cheaper than the quality guns from Colt.

The lower revolver is a Colt New Line in .38 rimfire. The gun above it is a .32 that was sitting on a gun show table with a $25 price tag. I grabbed it up because I'm a completionist...and it wasn't until I looked at it at home that I realizes that the rust bucket I'd snatched was a "Red Jacket No.3".

One of several companies that basically ripped off Colt's design, Lee Arms of Wilkes-Barre sold them under several names via mail order, "Red Jacket" being the most common.