Saturday, February 16, 2019

Background Checks Stop Nothing

So, a dude with a previous conviction for a violent felony managed to pass a background check for an Illinois Firearm Owner ID card, and managed to pass a NICS check to purchase a handgun, and it wasn't until they ran his prints when he was applying for an Illinois toter's permit that the previous conviction turned up.

So they denied him the permit and sent him a letter asking him to pretty please hand the gun over.

Instead, he took the gun to his job and shot up the meeting where they were firing him, and then ran around shooting up the place in general. What stopped his rampage? Someone shot his ass. That's what stops murderous jerkwads: Getting shot. Not background checks, not fingerprints, not purchase permits or ID cards.

The only problem is that nobody there had a gun with which to shoot said jerkwad, so he pretty much had the run of the place while they waited for people with guns to show up.

That's what these incidents tend to have in common: A serious lack of shooting back.