Monday, February 11, 2019

Icy Night

Rebel T1i
Bobbi got home from her writing class just before seven last night, which meant we just had time to duck over to Next Door American Eatery for dinner.

Having had a pretty substantial brunch with Shootin' Buddy, I just had the Buffalo chicken bites appetizer and a gin gimlet for dessert.

iPhone 7 Plus
The night was thinking about icing up as we left...

Rebel T1i
Yesterday was the last day of spending a week with the Rebel T1i. Starting today, it's a week with the EOS 40D.

The 40D is actually older than the T1i, with a 10.1mp APS-C sensor using the DIGIC III processor versus the Rebel's 15mp/DIGIC 4 setup. However it's also a prosumer body, which is more rugged and weather-resistant and features a number of other features, like a top-panel LCD and the distinctive Canon control wheel on the rear of the body.

They're available used from Amazon sellers as cheap as $99 right now, and I actually got this one for $79 shipped from KEH back in November with a Black Friday sales code.