Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Rebel on the Canal

Got lunch up in Broad Ripple proper today. I'd had a hankering for cheese enchiladas, but La Piedad is closed until Monday while they redo the flooring in the place. I fell back on Public Greens, where I had their delicious buttermilk-dredged fried chicken tenders and curried cauliflower salad.

The rain still hadn't resumed after I'd finished eating, so I strolled down the Monon toward the canal. River House, a big "mixed use" development overlooking where the canal comes off the White River, has just opened up, and joins The Coil, down where the canal is bridged by College Avenue as looming new bookends on Broad Ripple Village. Several more developments of this sort are going in, making me wistful for the days when we used to joke that the tiny three-story office building across the Monon from the Brewpub was "Broad Ripple's skyscraper".

I had the Rebel T1i with me, still wearing the 28-200mm f/3.5-5.6 USM zoom. The overcast day was presenting a challenge.

It's not a good lens for pixel peepers at all. It's soft wide open and often ate up with chromatic aberration. And "wide open" isn't terribly wide...

Used thoughtfully, however, it's still capable of reasonably adequate results.

I'll put slightly better glass on it for tomorrow's adventures and see how that works out.