Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Automotif CLXXXII...

 Out picking up some shandies at the local 21st Amendment the other night, I was greeted by quite the sight in the parking lot when I emerged with my purchases.

In comparison to the screaming orange McLaren, the Zed Drei...even with its top dropped...was as pedestrian as a Fairmont wagon with mismatched hubcaps.

They say that Zoomers aren't interested in cars or driving anymore, that they just want to live in an entirely virtual world on their phones while being Ubered around in the back of generic self-driving hybrid transportation pods.

I dunno, though...

This thing managed to stop an entire gaggle of teenaged boys on their bikes right in their tracks, sucking them in like beetles to a bug zapper. Also, one middle-aged chick with a Nikon.