Monday, September 28, 2020

Seasons Turn

 We've been having an unseasonably warm and very dry September here in Hoosieropolis; the sort of weather that would have had Farmer Frank blogging about the drought. At least we were right up until about three hours ago when a cold front blew in from the west, bringing much-needed rain and ensuring that we've already seen the warmest temperatures of the day.

 Looking at the forecast for the next week, it was time to put the top up on the Zed Drei, since I couldn't guarantee temps warm enough to keep the rear window pliable for any length of time in the near future.

 Much like 2018 and the broken collarbone, 2020 has turned into another year without a summer...or at least any semblance of a normal summer.

 Sadly, the long hot dry spell doesn't bode well for a colorful autumn, either. Neighborhood oaks are already shedding leaves without even changing color much.

 Blah. Maybe I'll try to get to the zoo this week.

 Have a picture of a floofy dog from the neighborhood.