Tuesday, September 15, 2020


 When is a Ferrari not a Ferrari? Wait, that's not entirely correct... When is a Ferrari still mostly a Ferrari except not exactly the kind of Ferrari it's pretending to be?

GTO's Revival cars are designed to be driven and used. They take the legal identity of what are normally basket-case Ferraris from the same period, most often 330s or 365s, and are then rebuilt with a new chassis, bodywork, and a fresh V-12 engine. In the case of the GT SWB, that means hand-formed aluminum bodywork, with the big change being an effectively invisible one: GTO Engineering rolls the panels rather than hammer-beating them as Scagletti's craftsmen did.

I don't normally pine after cars with seven digit price tags, any more than I pine after Gulfstreams or sports teams. There are things that are just so out of the realm of possibility of me ever owning that the desire to do so just doesn't cross my mind, but that 250 GT SWB repro is almost enough to get me to buy a lotto ticket.