Wednesday, April 21, 2021


Yesterday morning's typing was interrupted by a loud sound from down the hall. I couldn't identify it, and assumed one of the cats had knocked over something heavy.

Bobbi, on the other hand, identified it immediately. "Oh, no! Holden jumped in the tub!"

Sure enough, a large fluffy cat came tear-assing out of the bathroom into the dining room, where he hung a u-turn and came barreling back down the hall to launch himself onto the typewriter shelf of Bobbi's desk, chirring and whirring with indignation the whole time.

Bobbi scooped him up and swaddled him in a towel. Only his legs were really wet; he must've practically bounced out of the water. I spent the next few minutes with a handful of paper towels mopping up the dining room floor in between fits of giggles.

We don't know if he'd been standing on the edge of the tub and slipped, or if he just jumped in without looking.

Random Holden photo, because the internet likes cat pictures.