Friday, April 16, 2021

It doesn't work like that.

So, some dude on the gunternet made the claim that he could draw a .22WMR NAA Mini from his pocket and put all five rounds into a playing card sized target at five feet in less than two seconds, strong hand only.

Pardon my bluntness, but that claim is simply bullshit and is the sort of gun forum nonsense spouted by people who wouldn't know what button to push on a timer to make it go "beep" in the first place.

A fast pocket draw to a relatively wide-open target like a USPSA A-zone or the IDPA eight-inch-diameter "-0" circle can indeed be done by a reasonably decent shooter in less than a second, starting with the hand in the pocket. (Starting with your hand on the gun is the easiest way to a sub-second draw.)

Those NAA Mini shots on the upper A-zone were from low-ready, SHO, with the assistance of a laser, and I doubt any of them were under a second.

Maybe if you'd practiced a lot, you could reliably and repeatably duplicate that performance with a firearm you had to thumb-cock...maybe, on an A-zone or 8" circle. On a playing card? Even at five feet, reliably and every time? I'm dubious.

And then you have to thumb-cock the firearm and hit that playing card four more times in the remaining second you have before your claimed par time runs out.

If you've got video of yourself shooting .25 splits strong hand only on a playing card with an NAA, I'd really like to see that. Just making the claim is a strong indicator that you're talking out your ass.

NAA Minis and derringers can be shot more accurately than most people think, but that doesn't make them practical choices for self defense in a world where much better choices exist. Having to thumb-cock the firearm on the draw when you've only got a one- or two-finger grip on it at best is a huge downcheck right there.