Sunday, April 25, 2021

Much Learning Occurred.

This was such a well-rounded two-day class. It can be a bit of a drink from the firehose, but there's a lot of material that's not covered by yet another five-round drill from the seven yard line.

Identifying and interacting with suspicious-looking (or -acting) strangers. Deselection, avoiding getting entangled in unwanted conversations. How to carry...and when and how to use...pepper spray.

There's basic trauma self-care stuff, things like telling the difference between arterial and venous bleeding, and applying tourniquets and pressure dressings.

The targets were verbally engaged and early on, visual rather than audible cues for drawing and shooting were incorporated. A lot of emphasis was placed on not robotically drawing and shooting.

Of course there was shooting...

...and coaching...

...and watching skills get validated by having to verbally...and perhaps ballistically...engage three-dimensional, moving, interactive targets.

Concealed Carry: Street Encounter Skills and Tactics remains my default recommendation when someone asks me "Hey, I've taken a basic CCW class, but what should I take next?"