Tuesday, May 04, 2021

"But it's factory ammo!"

"Factory" ammo may not mean the same thing, depending on which factory we're talking about. Some of the most disappointing ammo I'd tried thus far was from a factory. The 124gr Sumbro FMJ ammunition I ran through my M&P9 back in 2015 or so had an extreme spread of 89.2 feet per second. In other words, out of ten rounds that were, not just from the same lot number, but the same box, the slowest round was doing 1,069fps while the fastest was almost a hundred feet per second faster, at 1,158.

The Macedonian ammo maker may not have covered themselves with glory, there, but last Friday I had a box of Turkish Sarsilmaz 124gr FMJ that effectively said "biram─▒ tut".

This is obviously some definition of "professional performance" with which I was previously unfamiliar.

No, you are not misreading terrible handwriting. A ten round string fired from a single magazine in a Shield Plus had a velocity spread only a hair less than 180fps.

Yikes. I think they are having issues with their kalite kontrol├╝.