Tuesday, May 11, 2021

"Honey, we have Smith & Wesson at home." No.3

Of all the production changes made over the years to Smith revolvers to simplify production, the one I miss the most is the cylinder stop tensioner screw. That's the one you can see in profile in the frame just in front of the trigger guard. You used to just be able to stick the cylinder stop spring in through that hole, and now you have to stick it in from the side and kinda smoosh it down into its recess. I always feel like I'm going to bend it wrong when I do that.

Below is the sideplate fitment of the paltik. I've seen commercially mass-produced revolvers with sloppier sideplate fit, to be honest.

The trigger is to the rear because the trigger return spring is no longer functioning. The firearm can still be thumb-cocked and the cylinder rotates, but I haven't yet been arsed to pull the sideplate off to see what's going on in there, especially because I wouldn't fire this thing on a dare.

Incidentally, the paltik has a cylinder stop tensioner screw, too, but you can't see it in the profile shot because the head is countersunk in the hole.