Friday, May 07, 2021

Gratuitous Gun Pr0n #200...

Almost twenty years I've had this thing now. Carried it for a bunch of them. It was a lot shinier back then.

It came with the "idiot mark" and a flattened spot in the checkering where the original owner had shot it while wearing a ring, but it was to see a lot more wear than that.

The bottom pic was shot with an old Sony Mavica on a floppy disc, on the range top of the first apartment I lived in in Knoxville. It doesn't feel that long ago. 

The camera I shot the top pic with, an EOS 5D Mark II, had 21 megapickles, compared to the lone megapixel of the Mavica's sensor. It wouldn't be released for another seven years at the time the bottom photo was shot, and now it's been discontinued for nearly a decade.