Sunday, September 12, 2021

On newsstands now...

The current issue of RECOIL's Concealment quarterly has a couple pieces from me. One is a review of Federal's new rimfire personal defense round, the .22LR Punch...

...and the other is a feature length takeaway on the annual Rangemaster Tactical Conference, and why you should register. (Although I think next year's is already filled. While they usually fill up by October, the 2022 event filled with record speed.)

There are also pieces in there by my friends Chris Cypert and Annette Evans.

It's a good enough mag that I paid out-of-pocket for a dead tree subscription on my dime, and it was through Amazon, so I didn't get a discount or anything. Although if you have a good tablet, the Kindle subscription is a cheap alternative. If I do say so myself, the photography standards in the RECOIL mags make them worth looking at on a Retina display if you're not gonna get it on paper.