Wednesday, September 01, 2021

The Littlest 3rd Gen

The CS9 (or Chiefs Special 9) was the smallest of the traditional double-action Smith autoloaders. It was even smaller than the already-compact 3913. The 3913 was a 25-ounce 8-shot single stack with a 3.5" barrel; the CS9 shed half an inch of barrel, a round of magazine capacity, and a quarter pound of weight.

The double-action-only version, dubbed the CS9D, was unusual for a Smith auto during the Great DAO Duty Handgun Boom of the 1990s, in that it was a true DAO. The normal Smith DAOs of the era had a pre-loaded trigger that reduced travel and gave a great pull but needed the slide to cycle to cock the action. The CS9D just dispenses with the single-action notch on the hammer and has a regular true double-action pull for every shot.