Monday, September 27, 2021

Forward Looking

In discussion about the post on low-power variable optics the other day, a friend reminded me that by '08, when that Magpul Dynamics video came out, the tippy-tip of the spear guys were all already really into the S&B Short Dot. I looked in my copy of Green Eyes, Black Rifles (which is one of the handful of firearms books I keep handy at my desk) and, holy cow, it was copyrighted back in 2008. It sure doesn't feel that long ago... Anyway, in that book Kyle Lamb discusses LPVOs at some length, covering the Short Dot, Trijicon AccuPoint, and Leupold CQ/T.

For a hot minute back around 2006 I had played with the Leupold CQ/T, but its size and lack of variety in mounting options had me go back to zero-magnification Aimpoints for a number of years.

CQ/T + Vltor CASV-EL = chinweld. Derpeste.

I don't know for sure which other scope Larry Vickers is talking about in this piece about the history of the Short Dot, but I'd bet it rhymes with "Bloopold Z Pew B".