Wednesday, September 20, 2023

For Real Every Day?

FN 509 Compact MRD w/ Trijicon SRO & Streamlight TLR-7 in a Henry Holsters Spark. Also the most adorable Apple Watch charging stand ever.

As a freelance writer who works from home (save the occasional retail job in a gun store) and who can therefore dress like a tactical hobo, carrying every day isn't hard for me. For the last twenty years, I've pretty much carried everywhere that didn't involve walking through a metal detector.

Not everyone can do that. Some people work in places where it would be a firing offense to tote, and some even work in places where it's flat out illegal.

What do?

The guys at Tactical Tangents had a good discussion on the topic.
"If you’re a habitual firearms toter, how do you carry to and from places where you can’t carry? Do you? What if it’s someplace where there’s no provision for securing it at your destination? Whether going to and from the neighborhood BJJ gym or visiting a military base, this can be a real dilemma for the carrier. In this episode, Jim and Mike take a hard look at solutions.

One of our favorite topics at Tactical Tangents is realistic risk management, and this applies in the personal world as well as the operational one. While “EDC” has turned into a marketing term for everything from watches to para cord bracelets, what do you really carry every day. Listen to this episode for a deep dive into the topic. Remember, millions of people go unstrapped yet remain unclapped every day.