Friday, September 01, 2023

Pew! Pew! Pew!

One hundred rounds of 60gr Winchester Silvertips and twenty rounds of 65gr Federal Hydra-Shok, all at five yards. I was firing eight-round strings, with the first shot fired double-action on each magazine.

Point of impact is roughly two inches high and one inch left of my point of aim at five yards.

The sights on this thing are execrable. Normally I just use my regular Wiley X sunglasses for eye protection at the range, since Indy Arms Co has very bright LED lighting available in the stalls and the range itself is well-lit. But the stainless nubbin of a front sight on the Tomcat got lost, especially against dark backgrounds. I had to switch to the Hunter HD Golds to be able to see the sights to any useful degree.

Of course, when the Tomcat was launched in 1996, its competition was the Seecamp LWS-32, which has no sights whatsoever.