Monday, September 11, 2023

Inane Talking Point...

The TV news is reporting on Mayor Hogwarts's new proposed budget.

They keep mentioning that it's the "largest budget ever" to which I can only reply that the city keeps growing, so it's only logical that the budget will do likewise.

What I'm liking is that there's an almost four percent bump in the budget for the IMPD, and that there seems to be a rather large chunk of change earmarked for repaving residential streets here, which are in dire need of it.

I'd thought the Zed Drei had a ball joint or tie rod end going bad, but when it got checked out, everything in the front end was snug, but the wheels had gotten out of of them quite badly. Given the bomb-cratered nature of the side streets around here, I'm surprised the butter-soft alloy rims weren't noticeably octagonal.

Arresting bad guys and fixing potholes are two absolutely legitimate uses of tax dollars, so I ain't complaining.