Monday, January 05, 2009

Any bets on how long BDS lingers?

Even today, the name "Clinton" is one to conjure with at a lot of right-leaning web forums; conjure apoplectic fits of poorly-spelled rage, that is. The guy has spent the last eight years engaged in nothing more sinister than skirt-chasing, petty graft, and embarrassing his wife at political functions, but to hear some talk he's still the Grand Master of the Bavarian Illuminati, about to seize power at any moment.

This has been most annoying whenever one tried to hash out a problem one had with the current administration. Witness:

"I'm a little annoyed at this whole (prescription drug/no child left behind/eager expansion of law enforcement powers/bailout/whatever) idea coming out of Washington. I voted for Bush because he pimped himself as more conservative than his daddy..."

"Oh, yeah? Well, Komrade Klinton!"


It made rational discussion a little difficult.

It's good to see that the other side will be saddled with a comparable problem, as here we are less than a month from the Ascension of the Lightbringer and Bush Derangement Syndrome is as thick, bizarre, and incomprehensible as ever.


wolfwalker said...

Will be? Have you ever heard a dedicated lefty expound on the subject of Ronald Reagan? He's been out of office for twenty years and in his grave for ten, but they hate him as intensely as they hate Bush today. And tell just as many lies about him.

Ben said...

I've not heard a reference to the Bavarian Illuminati in quite some time. Kallisti!

As far as BDS goes...well, I'm going to assume that Obama could tear the head off of a live puppy on the white house lawn on national TV in 2012 and somehow the commentators would still blame GWB for it.

Mikee said...

What can I say other than to raise my fists towards the sky, shake them with intense rage, and shout, "NIXONNNNNNNN!!!!!!"

Yes, what we learn in our youths stays with us in our later years.

And all he did to me was not shake my hand at a rally in '68. Yes, I hold grudges.

The Raving Prophet said...

I really wondered what would replace Bush as the focal point for the leftist hate. I understand discontent with Bush as President, I have a fair amount of that myself. Yet, the abject hatred and vitriol has been overwhelming and irrational.

That kind of hatred needs a focus. If Bush were not the object, something or someone else would be. It is like setting off a nuclear weapon- even if triggered in a vacuum, the energy is converted to EM radiation; it has to go somewhere.

This past election showed me who is next up as the target for leftist hate. God help Sarah Palin, because she is clearly going to become the next Public Enemy Number 1 by the lefty moonbats.

Armed Texan said...

There is a difference Tam. We generally try to distance ourselves from the black helicopter crowd. The Dems/liberals on the other hand are promoting their BDS sufferers on HuffPo, Daily Kos and the DNC.

the pawnbroker said...
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Nathan Brindle said...

BC wouldn't qualify to be Grand Master of the Bavarian Illuminati.

Trust me on this.

DirtCrashr said...

The Leftwing Hate Machine is a merry-go-round of pure Desire. Like a sexmad fanboy leering through the pages of Playboy (or even Maxim), its object of desire is continually renewed.

Brad K. said...

Now, let's see. Didn't Clinton send troops to Bosnia? What was the date that those troops were going to come home?

Wait, I know - they are still there! Clinton's "Don't ask, don't tell" troops are still in Bosnia!

I liked the swipe Doonesbury took at Clinton and the whole "Cabinet of Change" thing in Sunday's strip.

John B said...

I'm gonna give the man a year to try to do good. Don't wanna waste good money paying good dues to the KKK and the Old Boy's Club to suppress the female ubership, unless I absolutely have to. I mean I could join the democrats and do all that as free bonuses.

I'd make a lousy Democrat. Playboy described Sarah Palin as a VPILF, (ask your kids!), no body ever said that about Hills. I think about it and get so unmanned that I have to spend $$$$ on the Monica Lewinsky phone sex line....

No! Not REELY!

Anonymous said...

Well you wanted to live in a Burgess novel; who could know it would end up being "The Wanting Seed"?

This-that-and-the-other-fellow Derangement is a natural outgrowth of the FuehrerPrinkip we voted for when the Constitution expired and the Imperial Presidency succeeded it. Now that it's silly to think about solving problems through representative politics, we rush back and forth from Leader to Leader (still sounds better in German, I think) in an ever more enthusiastic hope that we'll find The Right Man to perfect our callow schemes.

Bush 43 entered office a humbler sort, but he was, after all, a big government man, and events (and his public) thrust greatness up him. Presidents exist now only to be sacred scapegoats. No one expects serious deliberation in the Congress; we disagree with policy by cartooning the Great Leader, mocking him(/her!), scandalizing (not hard to do, given the network of influence needed to support such an edifice), and gossiping over peccadilloes. Then the moon changes, and we tear into the next one, like so many ruddy Hollywood starlets.

If it weren't for Jefferson v. Adams and Burr v. Hamilton, I'd say we'd lost touch with the Founders' vision. And you whippersnappers haven't even seen derangement until you've met FDR syndrome. Which I have got.