Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gun pr0n...

...of the moving picture variety.

"Don't make me get all Mack Bolan on you!"


Anonymous said...

It is funny you mentioned Max Bolan, just found a box of his books while cleaning out the basement.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that though the first round might be on target, the second and third must surely be going WAY high.

El Capitan said...

OMG... Haven't thought of Mack Bolan in years. I had a shelf full of Executioner/Able Team/Phoenix Force gun P0rn books back in high school. I still remember the look of horror and distaste from the hippie clerk at Half Price Books when I sold them. Got maybe a nickel apiece, as I recall...

Tam said...

Do not go back and re-read them.

They do not hold up well if you have gained much tactical-fu between then and now.

Don M said...

I always wanted a .32 Scorpion.

Certainly good as a threat. With modern CNC milling machines, a Broomhandle Mauser would be cheap to manufacture.

There were several Austrian pistols of similar configuration. My favorite was the Simplex, which used a single spring to power both operation and hammer/trigger. Of course the magazine needed a second spring.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, the G-18 Glock is much better as a select fire pistol. I found the fold down handle under the dust cover of the 93R contributes to poor groups, and it requires a special holster to carry it. I suspect the odd angle of that folding handle may be part of the problem, plus the very short distance to the grip. This may have been more me than the gun, but others have made similar comments. In addition, quick deployment tends to have you covering your support hand with the muzzle. Not good!

The G18 fits any Glock holster, and handles well with a two handed hold. The newer G18C may be even better if the comp works.

Tam said...

I've found the full-auto 9mm Glock controllable, if one is ready and leaning into it. On the other hand, I can never get off less than three shots, no matter how quickly I get on and off the trigger; I'd hate to think what that would be like firing one handed around cover or something similarly awkward.

I've also fired a G20 with "da switch". That was a challenge.

I'm inclined to agree with the general consensus that full auto pistols are about as useful as a kickstand on a tank.

Anonymous said...

Kickstands indeed. Oddly, my only experience is with a runaway 1911, a bajillion years ago at Camp Pendleton.
It was a 1911 marked United States Marine Corp, which foolishness stopped somewhere around World War One, so it was old indeed, even then. How it got past the issuing armorer was another mystery. The disconnector was a rounded little nub, and the slide had so much side play and wobble it gave the hammer enough dwell time to get up speed.
There was plenty of ammo, so I took turns with the instructors (I was range armorer) playing with it after the familiarization class left.
It actually wasn't too hard to hold down with a little practice, but I doubt it would hit anything intentionally past 20 feet, and would leave you awfully empty, awfully fast.
To paraphrase the Colonel, a wonderful answer to a question never asked.
But plug in a propane tube and it looks awesome in the movies, helping to train generations of gangbangers in how to look cool while missing their targets.
Given that one of those targets is my inner city detective son, I can only applaud.
Has anybody ever given thought to the fact that perhaps the reason the good guys usually win shootouts is the fact that baddies don't have permits, and therefore can't practice?
Popping two or three into a garbage can in a darkened alley, from a lame sideways hold, then running like hell is a long way from the discipline, experienced instruction, and massive repetition cops and any serious CCW permittees are exposed to.
As long as we have a shall issue system, perhaps permits aren't too bad. I know that's going to tick off some mountain man looking for black helicopters, but even George Washington or Andy Jackson wouldn't have given a loaded musket to the village idiot.

Anonymous said...

Who ever said tactical and practical were bedfellows. Teh Pr0n isn't about what you would really have, it can be just for fun too.