Thursday, September 03, 2009

Back off, man, they're scientists!

Many people are unaware that the 20-lb. brains at Los Alamos have been nuking the undead 'til they glowed since 1945.

If you are moved by their courage and sacrifice, you should go vote for their awesome patch in comments at Larry Correia's blog.

The fate of the free world depends on you. Help keep New Mexico zombie-free!


Christina LMT said...

Yes! They have to win...they even have a backstory to their patch.

The Nerds are made of win.

staghounds said...

The Kansas one (Dorothy, shotgun, dead flying monkey) is still the best.

Though the actual execution sucks.

Vaarok said...

Hey, vote NY! Auribus Tenere Lupum!

perlhaqr said...

Staghounds: I really like Arkham the best. Blagh! Evil tentacle thingies!