Friday, September 03, 2010

What goes up, must come down.

You are responsible for every bullet that leaves your muzzle.

Anything you hit, you just bought, so make sure you can afford it.

Every bullet comes with a lawyer attached.

4. Identify your target, and what is behind it.

No matter how you want to phrase it, don't ever ever forget it.


Stephen said...

That holds true with words, actions and many other things.

The Raving Prophet said...

Some kids in this area were doing some plinking with their .22s a few weeks ago. We discovered this after a news report saying a lifeguard at a neighborhood pool had been hit. Not seriously, but apparently one of the bullets either skipped off the ground or they let one fly into the air, and it came down at a busy swimming pool.

That might end up being all it takes for the county to ban all shooting in unincorporated areas (it's currently legal with very few restrictions). I am hoping that doesn't happen, but those morons have given a really good example to the other side.

There's all numbers of reasons to be cautious. The first and foremost is what happens to anybody on the receiving end. Even if nobody is hurt, that doesn't mean you haven't hurt the cause.

Texas Tornado said...

A prophet predicted a mean reversion. .312 isn't bad for a lifetime avg.

Seth from Massachusetts said...

As I like to say, The person holding the gun bears absolute responsibility for where the bullets go.

T.Stahl said...

There's only one exception to "what goes up, must come down":

The undercarriage.