Thursday, December 29, 2011

QotD: Now Say You're Sorry Edition

"Once again, (Paul) Christoforo makes it clear that only powerful people — people who can hurt him or help him — are people who deserve decent treatment. Christoforo is not a marketer who is remorseful for treating a customer badly. He’s more like a career purse-snatcher who is remorseful (and terrified) because he snatched a purse from the elderly mother of a local mafioso." -Ken at Popehat.
It's a good post, and worth reading in its entirety, (duh, it's Ken,) if only for the warm schadenfreude engendered by the loving description of a clueless douchebag willfully sticking his hand into the Cuisinart of internet opprobrium.


BryanP said...

When I read the email exchange between him and Mike Krahulik at Penny Arcade I couldn't help but think that the modern equivalent of arguing with people who buy ink by the barrel is arguing with people who get 5 digit+ unique page views per day.

Stuart the Viking said...

Opprobrium Tam? If it weren't for the fact that I'm on the Internet anyway when I am reading your blog and a quick search on google can interpret for me; I hazzard to guess that I wouldn't really understand half of what you write.

I like it.


WV: twomothe: The term to describe a person who was raised by a pair of lezbians. "Bill is a twomothe, that's why he drove the U-Haul on his first date with Jill, loves chocolate (more than is manly), and has wonderful taste in men's work-boots."

Ken said...

I'm thinking pretty seriously about using this in class as an example of PR and customer service fail (I've used the famous-on-the-Internet Subaru "smart and scandalus(sic)" warranty incident as an example of customer loyalty).

Ken said...

Thank you, kind sir.

I updated the post a minute ago based on a new "apology" interview and my criticism of it.

Gnarly Sheen said...

Never bring a small intellect to an internet fight.

Justthisguy said...

Nothing at shithat's, or popehead's, is worth reading as far as I'm concerned. I left a couple or three thoughtful helpful comments at one of his posts, which comments he changed to read, "I eat paste."

I believe the man has no honor, no honesty, and no class. Which figures, he being both a Californian and a lawyer.

I can load his page any time I wish in spite of his efforts to prevent that, but choose not to do so. I don't like his smartass lawyer attitude.

Y'all will note that his link list (blogroll) is almost entirely composed of fellow lawyers, and hardly any humans at all.