Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day Three...

Still not dead, but beginning to consider the upsides of that condition.

Weird and disjointed dreams. I had dysentery in my dream. Now that's one that'll have you waking up in a cold sweat, suddenly relieved to find that oh, Auntie Em! It was only a dream!

I'm supposed to go see the almost-a-dentist today. When their robot called on Monday to confirm the appointment, I pressed "1" in what turned out to be a fit of excessive optimism. I ache all over, like an army of midgets have been working me over with tee-ball bats. Every muscle and joint is sore, and there's a constant bone-deep chill every time I venture out from under the electric blanket.

I'm sure this time tomorrow I'll be feeling better, but for right now, I'm miserable.

Whine, whine, whine, poor pitiful me...

Back to the blog.


skidmark said...

I don't know about Indiana, but where I'm from it's a felony to intentionally infect another person with a disease organism. You might consider the possibility of a cascade of folks feeling like you do if you infect the almost-a-dentist. (Yeah, right now it probably only has an up-side.)

Momma's old remedy may be what you need. Assemble tall glass, hot water, honey, and a large bottle of hooch. Fill glass 2/3 with hot water, add honey and put on the counter to cool. Get another large glass, fill with hooch and apply contents internally. IIRC Momma actually looked forward to colds and sniffles and the like.

stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Cancer +flu=PAIN!!!! ARGG!! realy stay home, stay warm, Drink lots a chickin' soup. Don't shoot the teenagers ECT. ECT.

og said...

Aw, hell. Shoot a few teenagers, it will improve your mood. And get well soon
No sense having new parts installed and not being able to use them.

Anonymous said...

Back to the blog.

Back to the bed.

There, fixed it for ya. Get better soon, Tam.


Mike V. said...

I don't know. My Grandma said the only way to get rid of something was to give it to someone else.... LOL Get well and pass on the almost-a-dentist visit.

Old NFO said...

Hope you and Roberta get better soon, being sick, especially NOW really sucks!



sobriant74 said...

Navigator, come on man, turn off capslocks and stop screaming on the interwebz.
Tam, feel better, you've had more than your fair share of immune shocks and need to get better soon.

Tam said...


It's cool; I'm not sure a telegraph key has a capslock. :)

armedlaughing said...

We'll wait.
Take care of yourself, first!


rickn8or said...

What armedlaughing said.

And despite everything, you and Roberta have a great Thanksgiving.

Oh, hell. A great Thanksgiving to all the readership.

kenlowder said...

Vitamins, especially natural vitamin D, 20 min a day. Probiotic pills will help fix the gut. I use dr David Williams probiotic pills.

Ken O said...

2 oz honey + 2 oz fresh key lime juice. Heat and stir. Add 6 oz barrel proof hooch. Consume hot. Repeat as necessary.

Anonymous said...

I had a dream last night that all the world's cats had died. It was so convincing that I checked the internet this morning for news about it.

Justthisguy said...

Funny you should mention T-ball bats, Ma'am. A friend gave me one, a nice wooden one, which I gave to the Intel Geek, for use as a Clue Bat if necessary. (He doesn't own any firearms.) I think a full-length baseball bat, even a little-league one, is really too long and unwieldy to use as a weapon against fellow humans, 'specially indoors.

On those sensations of yours: Yup, been there m'self. Have you ever coughed so hard that you pulled a muscle? Have you ever run such a high fever and started talking so funny that the housemate dragged you into the cold bath, to try to make it stop? Both of those happened to me, not so long ago.

I believe in letting a fever run, until it gets up to 105 or so. Mine was getting above 106, so that's when Ann dragged me into the cold bath.

Well, anyway, hope you feel better soon, and can quit bragging about how bad you feel. I felt worse, dammit!

Anonymous said...

You and the housemate sure are sick a lot for adults with no small children in the house.

What sorts of unhealthy locales are you frequenting anyway?

BGMiller said...

Between reading you and roomie I'm beginning to wonder if you guys aren't the beginning of the zombie apocalypse.

Not sure I like the idea of well armed, well trained zeds with an attack tiger (compact).


Tam said...

Anonymouse 5:06,

I can't speak for her, but I haven't been sick enough to keep me from going to work and playing Typhoid Mary in years.

My bosses used to warn me that if I felt a little ooky, I should stay home, so that my minor germs that made me feel a little poorly didn't wipe out the whole department.

Now buck up and get to work.

Brad K. said...


Herbal and decaf hot teas, with honey, can be comforting. Well, most any warm food can be comfort food.

The chicken soup thing works because the chicken fat in the soup irritates the sinuses, causing them to run, which flushes off many of the germs causing the cold/flux. So skip the fat-free chicken soup, it is mere comfort food. Alternative sinus cleansings come from the Chinese. The Mongol and I think Szechuan regions are high desert; they choose hot-spicy foods (a friend claimed that if he didn't break a sweat, the food wasn't seasoned) to clear (flush) the sinuses to avoid sinus infections.

I had food poisoning some years back. Full system purge, quite miserable, I missed my last week of work at that company (the culprit was at my "going away" lunch). I found that psyllium husk, the part of Metamucil that isn't sugar, comforts the whole digestive system from top to bottom. Don't try double-dosing, that doesn't really help. But it really helps with toxins and with mucous, and irritated digestive parts.

Get well, soon.

Justthisguy said...

Jerry Pournelle published his chicken soup recipe, which he used the last time he got sick like that. It worked for him.

ScribblersDad said...

Didn't you get your Flu shot, young lady??