Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fun Show!

It's fun show time!

Not that I should really be buying anything, but in my tribe, a Fun Show makes for a better place to do your Christmas shopping than Macy's.

Let's sing the Fun Show Song!

Flintlocks and Flop-tops
And Number Three Russians
Black-powder Mausers
From jackbooted Prussians,
Shiny Smith PC's from limited runs
These are a few of my favorite guns.

Socketed bay'nets
On Zulu War rifles,
Engraved, iv'ried Lugers
That make quite an eyefull
Mosin tomato stakes sold by the ton
These are a few of my favorite guns.

Rusty top-breaks!
Smallbore Schuetzens!
And all of Browning's spawn
I just keep on browsing my favorite guns
Until all my money's gone.
Maybe I can stumble across a deal on some inexpensive grotty old Smith top-break in a variant I don't have. That'd be cool.


Julie said...

Hope you find what you're looking for! And I'm so jealous - we don't get fun shows here :(



Fred said...

Good luck! I wouldn't mind a good show, been a while since I've been to a good one.

Tam said...

The Stout Field one is pretty good, in my experience, for its size.

It's like the Indy 1500 with most of the big new gun sellers weeded out.

If you're looking for good prices on case lots of ammo, want to comparison shop three AR part vendors, or are in the market for a new GockSIG&Koch, it's not so much, but if you like guys with one or two tables of middlin'-old guns, it's pretty good.

Fred said...

I need to start making a list of ones to hit up when I get back.

Scott J said...

I bailed on a show in Birmingham yesterday when I arrived an hour after open and encountered a line to the door still about 50 yards long.

Nothing I wanted was worth tolerating that much humanity.

Tango Juliet said...

I'm glad to hear you're feeling well enough to venture to the Fun Show.

Brian Turner said...

That song still cracks me up.

Firehand said...

We used to have shows like you describe here in OKC; not much, anymore. Same people, same stuff(usually overpriced), over and over.

And thanks to the clowns who run the fairgrounds, the cost to get in keeps going up.

Old NFO said...

Glad you're up and around, and enjoy the show!

Shepherd K said...

I've got a Safety Hammerless 4TH in .38 S&W if you don't already have one.

Tam said...

Shepherd K,

I do, in fact, have a 4th Model. Thank you, though!

I keep crossing my fingers, hoping to find a 1st-3rd in that "ugly-but-shootable" condition you sometimes see for <$200...

JohninMd.(help!) said...

Yes, I agree, is good to join tribal migration to ancient fun show grounds. And yeah, film/audio of Tam performing the fun show song.....I'd buy that for a (few) dollar!

Nathan Tramp said...

Has anyone ever made a side-break revolver? Ever? Is there a reason it can't or shouldn't be done?

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a quick " after action report"?
Thanks in advance.

Pakkinpoppa said...

There was a "fun show" this weekend, but it was in Springfield...bit of a trek these days with the flat wallet.

Of course...coincidentally, Friday is payday, and Saturday is the nearer, Westland "fun show"...

I'm starting to ponder the wear and tear on the Drewmobile, as the parking lot at the old Lazarus store has rapidly deteriorated from 2nd to 3rd world and I'd rather not have to get tire(s) or rim(s) replaced.

That and last time, 3 Franklins left my wallet for a .32 CZ83 in nice shape and I have yet to obtain a second magazine...

Ed Foster said...

Lately I have to go help somebody set up on Friday evening and scrounge a dealer's badge if I want to get into the Springfield Mass. gunshow without half an afternoon's wait in line.

Either that, or walk in with a cop buddy, but I really think that one is cheating. I've done it, but feel kinda creeped out.