Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Thank Shiva it's almost over...

  • Hey, hey! Ho, ho! Steven H. David has got to go! All God's chilluns need to vote 'No'!

  • On the other hand, I will be voting to retain a judge for the first time. Whatever heinous decisions Robert Rucker had a hand in, and I'm sure they were legion, he wrote the dissent in Barnes, recognizing that laying hands on somebody who has no business being in your house is no crime, no matter how many badges they have. As far as rights go, getting people off your lawn is down there near the bedrock.

  • The whole Donnelly/Mourdock donnybrook has had me taking a closer look at what is meant by "Blue Dog Democrat". Joe Donnelly is reliably pro-RKBA; he came by his positive report card from the NRA fair and square. He's reliably socially conservative, being totally down with conservative Republicans on social issues like the gays and the 'bortion. And yet he's a total union-supporting, anti-business redistributionist on economic issues. In other words, this guy is a populist with whom I agree on practically nothing except guns and apple pie, and I want both of those to be tax-free, so we maybe don't agree on them, either.

  • As much as it's like chewing on a cat turd to say this, that wide-bottomed, empty-headed poster child for nepotism and machine politics, André Carson, is running the only campaign I've seen whose ads do not drive me into wanting to Elvis the television. He mouths a bunch of happy platitutes and talks about all the manna he wants to give his constituents, and never a whisper, negative or otherwise, is even made of his opponent. I guess when the election is expected to be as close as an Evander Holyfield-Billy Barty bare knuckles bout, there's no need to go negative. 


mikee said...

All politics, it is said, is local politics.

I like to use the Mayberry rule: would the politician get an approving nod or a wry frown from Andy?

Now I gotta go stand inline to vote at the Middle School nearby here in Texas, because I would not want Romney to win the electoral college without also winning the popular vote.

Otherwise, the only reason to vote in my 95+% Republican county is to get rid of a DA who kept a bit of evidence to himself in a murder trial 20 odd years ago, instead of letting the defense know, and prove, that the defendant was innocent. Now THAT is a vote I'd crawl naked over ground glass to make.

Kristophr said...

Heinlein's Law: If you can't vote for someone, show up and vote against people.

A blank spot on the ballot, or a nonsense write in when you hate both candidates for a particular post equally, is perfectly fine ...

Joseph said...

As far as I'm concerned, a vote for Donnely is a vote for Harrry Reid and under no circumstances could I do that. Mourdock's just gonna have to padlock every vagina in America.

RE: Carson, he didn't say anything about his opponent probably due to having no clue who he's running against, what he's running for or what day of the week Sunday falls on.

Geodkyt said...

NEVER leave a blank spot -- always insert a write in of some sort. Otherwise, it is entirely too easy for someone to insert a vote for their candidate when reviewing ballots.

og said...


I even made sure I got the right one. By reading this blogpost in the voting booth.

Windy Wilson said...

Hey, Hey, Ho Ho
Diane Feinstein has GOT to go!
Anyone who refuses to debate her opponent on the grounds that "she would only attack my record" is fundamentally unfit to hold any position on the public payroll, nevermind an elected one!
And yes, The Honorable Senior Senator from California did say that, in public, for the record, although I'm too lazy at the moment to find the quote, so in the meantime her legion of flying monkeys can say she was misquoted and the words are not in context.

Senator Boxer is another matter for another election.

Anonymous said...

RE: Andre Carson:
Here in hillbilly-land, Joshua Evans, state rep for my district, ran unopposed, so I wrote in a vote for Malcolm Reynolds, even though he (yes, I know he isn't a real person) would probably decline, not wanting to soil himself with such an office.
I emailed Evans a couple of years ago about the "Race for the Trough,"(..for the Top, they called it) & he responded (not a direct quote), "Everybody else is getting federal money, so we should suck up some of it too! Otherwise, we lose!" Probably followed in his tiny mind by eleventy-ones.
If you aren't part of the solution, you're part of the problem.
Scroom all. Maintain personal integrity is all we can do. It has succeeded.
--Tennessee Budd