Monday, May 20, 2013


Sunday nights are WoW nights, and most of the folks I run around with are on Mountain or Pacific time, so I'm usually up past pumpkin o'clock, hence the slow starts on Monday morning. I should have the nozzle on the free ice cream machine cleaned out shortly.

I'm going to finish this coffee and go put a couple miles under the bike's tires. Bobbi has pics from yesterday's range trip for your viewing pleasure in the meantime.


AuricTech said...

As opposed to "Hello, world!"? ;-)

Peter O said...

So are you in this situation?

Anonymous said...

World of Warcrack? Really?

One would have thought an ex-gun Dorkette such as you would be more partial to skill heavy games featuring guns, such as Red Orchestra than thinly-masked behaviorism based, gaudily colored addiction engines like WoW..

-Burnt to a Crisp

Tam said...

Here in the future, computers are marvelous devices that can actually... you may want to sit down, because this is hard to believe... run multiple different programs based on the software you load into them!

Besides, Red Orchestra is overrun with East European wankers who've never touched a gun in their lives wanking endlessly about the ballistics of firearms they'll never touch. It's like the worst of Battlefield 3, but with a Slavic accent.

Anonymous said...

Huh. D'uh. I mean, mine does so too.

About RO2..possibly the Russian servers, I do not play there because of lag and cheaters... And they cannot really touch guns.
What made you think so anyway?

I have not seen much wanking- except for the endless complaints about including the Mkb 42h in multiplayer...

I do admit to feeling pistols feel overpowered, 3-4 9mm FMJs to the chest are usually enough, which judging from what one reads online should only piss someone off.. /s

Most players, if you look at the servers, their location and so on are American, more than half, rest European, and practically no servers in Asia.

That could change with the Rising Storm add-on, maybe Japanese will like a chance to find out again that Banzai charges do not work on people bearing semi-automatic weaponry..