Saturday, January 09, 2016

Of beans and noses.

I'm pretty sure I got the following metaphor from Gunsmith Bob.

Every so often in the firearms retail or gunsmithing business, I will have a customer approach me with a big metaphorical lima bean in their hand and say "Will you please put this bean up my nose?"

And I will feel uncomfortable because I know this is a bad idea and I will reply "Sir, I'm not sure you want that bean up your nose. It could cause a whole lot of problems and might require an emergency room visit to get it out."

And they will say "But I really, really want you to put this bean up my nose!"

And again I will reply "And I really feel that I need to tell you that you shouldn't put that bean up your nose."

Pleading now, the customer will say "But I'll give you a lot of money to put this bean up my nose!"

And, having done my duty by warning them, and consoling myself with thoughts of how the customer is always right, I will sigh and go ahead and put that bean up their nose.

What does this have to do with gun selling or gunsmithing?

"Excuse me, I noticed you don't have any Taurus Judges in the display case. Can you special order one?"

"Well, sir..."