Sunday, January 17, 2016

Thin Margins...

So I sold the .357SIG M&P and now I'm going to buy a .357SIG Glock. I looked around at the show, but the only used one I spotted was a tired po-po trade-in G31 with half-dead Meprolights and only one mag. The round count was unknown but the slide release was worn silver.

The seller had a wildly optimistic $485 on the tag but allowed as how he'd let it go for $425 out the door. Considering a brand new one retails at our shop for $499.95, Glock's minimum advertised price, that was a less than attractive deal.

I did look around for a new one at the show, because retail profit margins on new base model Gen 3 Glocks are so razor thin that even my employee discount only saves me ten bucks or so, which would have been outweighed by instant gratification.

Most people have no idea how thin the margin on new guns is. I'm not aware of any similarly-priced consumer good that sells at retail for so little markup.

No joy finding one at the show, though; .357SIG Glocks are rare stocking items outside of states where local law enforcement uses the caliber. Every Glock...all the hundreds I the show was a 9, .40, or .45, with the exception of one new 29, one used one, and one new 40 MOS. I guess I'll just order one at work.