Sunday, July 10, 2016


So, I'm browsing and I find this video of a little 4BR fixer-upper for sale in Manhattan. The fixer-upper in question happens to be the 16th-floor penthouse apartment at 1185 Park Avenue and it was apparently put on the market at a price of $1,000,000/floor-of-elevation.

That's right: A $16m apartment in need of complete renovation. At least it's in Manhattan, so you wouldn't have to worry about where to put your gun safe.

Anyway, the hook to the video is they've got this creative designer type wandering about, sharing his visions of how things should look. This guy is obviously trying to cultivate a personal zen of being intensely laid back, and so when the camera pulls out, I have to chuckle. I've never before seen anyone wearing tailored suitcoat and weskit (but with coat unbuttoned and tie raffishly loosened) and...casually torn-up blue jeans.

I am almost willing to bet that there is a company that sells very expensive used jeans that they have paid people to tear up in actual use, because jeans that have been deliberately shredded would be inauthentic. These would be artisanally distressed.