Sunday, July 31, 2016


Apex trigger, arrived on OEM Gen3 trigger bar. Installed in Gen3 Glock 32 with standard connector and trigger return spring. Combination yields a measured 5.5# pull. Tactile feel of trigger vastly improved over stock serrated trigger that shipped on the gun.

Overwatch Precision TAC trigger, arrived on NP3-coated OEM Gen3 trigger bar. Installed in Glock 37 with ZEV connector and NY1 (olive) trigger return spring. With the stock trigger, this gun had a measured 7# trigger pull. Installation of the TAC trigger shaved this to 5.5# in addition to reducing takeup. I'm also very impressed with the feedback offered by the flat-faced trigger. It helps me with proper finger placement.

ZEV Fulcrum trigger, with ZEV connector and standard trigger return spring, installed in a Gen2 Glock 17. This setup resulted in a 4.5# trigger pull and a good rolling break. It just took a little getting used to.

What I'm likely going to wind up doing is swapping the trigger assemblies in their entirety between the Glock 37 and 17 and use the former for bowling pins and the latter as a backup carry/class gun.