Saturday, July 02, 2016

Thursday morning...

Drove out to MCF&G Thursday morning to get some shooting done. Mostly just dirt-shooting to build the round count on the Glock 32, but also some work I wanted to put in with the Robar'ed Gen2 Glock 17 and its Fulcrum/Zev connector/NY1 trigger setup...

The targets were close enough to ten yards as to make no nevermind. (That's an RCS Eidolon holster I'll be writing up soon.)

GPS mag caddy is handier than a pocket on a shirt.

A hundred rounds of Remington 125gr FMJ .380 Ultra Mag from the Glock 32 at the target on the right, and fifty of 115gr CCI Blazer Brass at the target on the left. Same sight picture for both targets. The .357SIG on the right-hand target was done at a roughly 1rd/sec cadence.

The left-hand target with the Glock 17 (with vastly better aftermarket sights and trigger) was done in an attempt to continue to develop a "rolling cadence" with the trigger, to further shed myself of the awful habit of pinning the trigger and trying to "ride the reset". I basically tried to keep the trigger in motion constantly, letting it reset in recoil and prepping it as the sights settled, breaking the shot as soon as I had a decent sight picture. About the pace I'd use on the 3x5 card in a FAST. I'm getting better, but still dropped too many shots outside the circle.

Both Glocks went through the complete cycle of operation each time.

For the Glock 32: This makes it 1430 total rounds fired since the firearm was last cleaned or lubricated, with four failures to go completely into battery (#63, #78, #126, #748), four failures to feed (#221, #224, #282, #734), and one failure to eject (#1,033). 570 rounds left to go.