Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Sunday pics...

Shootin' Buddy showed up at 9:00 on Sunday morning and we drove through drizzle into Broad Ripple proper for a tasty breakfast at Public Greens. I had the pork hash: smoked pulled pork, sweet potatoes and caramelized onions all fried together, with toast and eggs. Then it was back into the truck and over to Indy Arms Company for some pew pew pew.

I wasn't planning on a long range session; just some blasting before going to the movies. I had the Wilson Tactical Carry Professional and the Nighthawk Kestrel with me, along with a box of ammunition for each.

Shootin' Buddy put a magazine through each. He carries a Les Baer Thunder Ranch Special every day, and he preferred the Nighthawk.

The remaining 82 rounds were just blasted away by me for the fun of it. Winchester 124gr NATO through the Wilson and Federal 230gr RTP ball ammo through the Nighthawk. Incidentally, the Wilson has now fired 450 rounds without a bobble since being taken out of the box.

After the range trip we met up with Shootin' Buddy's dad to go see The Free State of Jones, best described as "The Wookie-Suiter's Civil War Movie" by a blog reader.

We were the first ones in the theater for the Sunday matinee showing and, as the place started to fill up, I couldn't resist leaning over and whispering "Was there a coupon in this month's AARP magazine?" to Shootin' Buddy, who replied "Stand up and say 'Does anyone have pictures of their grandkids?' I dare you."