Monday, April 17, 2017

Outdoors, on my own...

Yeah, I spent some time outdoors in Vegas, but my schedule was on rails, it was all in a group, and that desert landscape always feels a little more like a movie set than actual outdoors. I guess it's the lack of trees and grass, which are normally the two most handy indicators that you're not inside anymore.

Today, though... Today is supposed to be chamber of commerce weather here in Hoosieropolis. Sunny and seventy-something degrees. Time to drop the top on the Zed Drei and drive out to Marion County Fish & Game and see if I can't finish out the last three hundred rounds on the Wilson test, and then maybe pedal the Broad Ripple SUV up into Broad Ripple Proper and get lunch at Brugge or the Brewpub or Public Greens.

I need some Vitamin D.