Friday, April 14, 2017

Retro Shooting

The joke has been made that IDPA's rule set doesn't really reflect actual street carry guns so much as it does actual street carry guns of the early Nineties, and so it should be called Retro Action Shooting or something in recognition of this fact.

What would be cool would be if this were formalized into a ruleset with maybe a little cosplay added, the way Cowboy Action Shooting and its Wild Bunch and Zoot Shooter spinoffs have done.
  • I'm Too Old For This Shit Division: Must shoot from concealed. Style of sports coat can vary. Revolvers or subcompact single stacks that are era-appropriate. PPKs, J-frames, or you can rock a Model 29...

  • Welcome To The Party, Pal Division: Unconcealed (Concealment Optional.) Large capacity autos permitted. Make sure any Wayfarers are ballistic-rated.

  • Ross Seyfried Division: Single-stack "open" guns circa '80s-early '90s. Bootie shorts, tube socks, porn staches, and foam-front meshback trucker hats are mandatory. Adhesive pornstaches (or faux beards to hide "superface") are allowed for participants unable or unwilling to grow their own facial spinach.