Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Rimfire Fun...

So the P250 .22LR arrived Friday from CDNN. (Actually, it arrived Thursday, but I waited until Friday to pick it and the Sooper Seekrit Springfield Armory review gun up on the same 4473.)

Unlike the .380 variant of the P250, the .22LR one is a straight blowback. It uses what appears to be an aluminum slide with some attractive scalloped lightening cuts at 10 and 2 o'clock running from just ahead of the ejection port to the muzzle. It has conventional three-dot sights, with the rear being adjustable and fitting in a traditional dovetail rather than the weird proprietary P250 mounting.

The Fire Control Unit is, as I noted, a standard P250 FCU and compatible with centerfire Caliber X-Change kits. It has the latest iteration of forward-swept slide stops, although they don't really matter in the rimfire variant since the 10-round magazines (of which two are provided) do not actuate the slide stop when empty.

I took the gun to Indy Arms Co. on Sunday to run a few rounds through it. I was not disappointed with the gun's trial run at all...

The gun ran fine, sixty rounds with no malfunctions other than one round of Federal bulk pack .22LR needing a second trigger pull to ignite. The Ruger Mk IV, incidentally, is now at 1,200 rounds with a lone FTE way back in the first couple hundred.