Sunday, February 18, 2018

That's handy...

NCStar, purveyor of airsoft-grade optics and garbage mounts and accessories to the "Just-As-Good-As/Works for me!" crowd, has finally succeeded in making a product that looked intriguing enough to me to shell out some of my own hard-earned dough: The Magpopper.

With my pathetic lack of grip strength, getting Glock magazine floorplates off has always been a challenge. See, the way you're supposed to do it is to take the magazine in one hand and squeeze the sides in hard. Then use your other hand to depress the retaining button in the floorplate with a Glock tool or other similar punch. Then you slide the floorplate off with your third hand.

There are workarounds for us weak folk with only two hands, such as using a c-clamp or the corner of a countertop or desk to aid in squeezing the mag tube. This tool promised to let me do it with only one-third as many hands as before.

And they weren't lying. It works dandily.

The hook folds away and is retained in its stowed position by a little magnet, and the tool also has a bottle opener built in. Recommend.