Sunday, February 18, 2018

Gun Store Find

Even though I used to work there, and even though I'm in there three to five times a week to shoot, I never darken the door of Indy Arms Co. (or any gun store, really) without spending some time scrutinizing the showcases to see what's new.

It paid off last Thursday when I spied with my little eye a Gen2 Glock 19 in pretty decent shape with Meprolight night sights and sporting a price tag of $375. "What's up with this one?" I asked.

"It's old," was the response.

"Well, hey, set it back with my name on it and I'll scare up something to trade in and come back for it tomorrow."

I was back the next morning with a couple gats that were excess to requirements and traded straight across.

The gun ran fine. The above target is a hundred rounds of that Winchester steel-cased stuff at seven yards against the upper A-zone. The lower is fifty rounds from my trusty Gen3 19 former carry gun.

Getting home, I broke out the spares box and set to putting things straight on the new acquisition. It had had a ClipDraw on it at some time in the past and, while the clip itself had been removed, the slide cover plate with the mounting screws was still in place. I swapped it out for one of the spare slide cover plates I had lying around and placed an order for a Striker Control Device from Tau Development Group.

The trigger in the gun is a smooth-faced trigger from a full-size gun. Whichever previous owner did this knows what time it is. I like that, and both my other 19s sport that modification. I might put an SSVi Tyr in this one, and I might leave it like it is.

The gun had a metal aftermarket guide rod and recoil spring assembly in it. I had several Gen3 19 recoil spring assemblies in the parts bin, and tossed one into the gun. Lastly, I ordered a Tango Down Vickers slide release to replace the factory extended unit in the gun. I'll pick up a Vickers mag release at Indy Arms Co. tomorrow and install it.

Of interest in the above photo:
The 2006-vintage Gen3 19 on the left sports the bevel on the leading edge of the chamber hood which is one of the suite of modifications done in response to the NYPD's "Phase 3" malfunction issues, whereas the Gen2 on the right, dating to 1996, doesn't have that.

The Gen3 also has a shinier finish, replacing the dull phosphate of the earlier gun. Glock did that back in 2000ish in response to complaints that the matte phosphate didn't collect fingerprints. Yes, when we were playing defense against the Clinton DOJ, Glock went to a more fingerprint-friendly finish to mollify the antis. I remember all the yelling and hollering and "ZOMG! BOYCOTT ALL THE THINGS!" from the gun boards like it was yesterday.

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.