Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Truthfully, I thought they already had.

"Dick's Sporting Goods, the nation's largest sporting goods retailer, is halting sales of selling assault-style weapons like the one used in the Parkland, Florida, high school shooting.

Dick's also no longer will sell firearms to anyone under the age of 21 and is stopping the sale of high capacity magazines, the company said on Wednesday.
Truthfully, I thought they already had done this. I hadn't been in a Dick's but maybe once or twice since they proudly announced that they "supported the Second Amendment but" they were going to stop selling handguns and handgun ammo after some previous media feeding frenzy.

Dick's ownership seems to feel the need to go find some media before whom they can ritually abase themselves after these incidents, and it makes me feel a little dirty stepping into one of their stores. One gets the feeling that they'd really rather not be in the gun biz at all, but don't want to give up the hunter bux.