Monday, October 01, 2018

...and that makes 2,000*.

When I first got my hands on the Wilson Tactical Carry Professional a couple years ago, the first thing I did before launching the 2,000 round test was to glorp a generous amount of Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Oil down the slide rails as well as schmearing it all over the chamber hood and muzzle end. The gun ran through the whole test without a bobble.

With the EDC X9, I didn't glorp. Instead, I put a single drop of Liberty Lubricants CLP on the barrel hood and muzzle end and dripped two drops each on the frame rails.

I don't necessarily think anything was wrong with my choice of lubricants, but definitely there was with the amount. By the 1,700 round mark, the slide was noticeably sluggish in closing, due to the presence of fouling and the absence of lubricant. On rounds 1,711 and 1,724, the slide didn't close all the way.

Rather than turn this into a display of me possibly damaging a dry gun, I grabbed a bottle of FP10 out of my range bag and glorped some onto the four major lube points. The gun proceeded to chew through the remaining 270 rounds like it was brand new, despite being as filthy as filthy can be.

I'll be doing a detailed teardown post and a Q&A in the comments over at the Patreon page.