Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Don't come any closer!

So, if a dude was going for a gun, would you consider that enough of a threat to warrant shooting him?

What if he's closing in on you, even knowing you have a gun and have told him to not come any closer? Is that also "going for a gun", albeit the one in your holster?

Could you articulate why dude warranted shooting? Would you wait until after he'd rung your bell pretty good with a big overhand right?

Nobody wants to wind up on the bottom of a FUT (f**ked-up tangle) wrestling over their own gun.

These are always interesting. Especially when they go down in such a way that, despite being observed by a dozen of the most pro-self-defense people you can imagine, about half of the observers wind up shaking their heads after an incident.

You'll usually wind up seeing a couple that would have been the next Zimmerman case.