Tuesday, October 23, 2018


I had a weakness for the pulpy adventure tales of The Survivalist, The Executioner, and others back in the day.

Jerry Ahern, legit gun writer and author of The Survivalist series, sent a letter to the editors at Gold Eagle (a Harlequin imprint!), publishers of The Executioner series and its spinoffs, regarding weapons choices for Mack Bolan and his proteges. It's reprinted here. If you like guns and fondly remember Jerry Ahern's writing and the glory days of Eighties shoot-'em-up pulp series, it's worth a read.

It did give me something of a legit LOL, on reading it, however...
Jerry Ahern: "The AMT AutoMag is a ridiculous weapon for Mack Bolan. It's notoriously unreliable!"  
Also Jerry Ahern: "My boy John Rourke carries a brace of Seattle Detonics because COOL!"