Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Pressure Testing...

"Why is the Shivworks curriculum so heavy on BJJ and wrestling and other grappling stuff but no dim mak five finger death punch pocket sand stuff?"

After all, those are competitive sport martial arts and notably devoid of special killing punches and devastating blows.

A related question is "Why don't I just draw my gun and choot im?"

See, the thing is, if you're much inside about six feet from Sumdood and try and draw your gun, he's not going to just stand there and let you do it. He's gonna stuff your draw with one hand and start whaling on your noggin with the other, and now you have a real problem. To wit, it's no longer your gun, it's y'all's gun.

In a weapons-based environment, limb control and positional advantage mean a lot. You can't just let Sumdood have a limb flailing around, because that limb is likely to wind up with a knife or a gun in it and then you're boned. So you're working toward a position where you can tie the guy up and either exit the clinch safely, or deploy your own weapon without interference.

In the photo above, the guy on the left has used an arm tie to control both her arms long enough to get his sims gun out and start giving her the skittles.

Here, she's made a successful duck-under to take his back while maintaining a wrist tie on his right hand. Out comes the sims Glock...

...and *pop*pop*pop*!

This also illustrates the reason for the "thumb-pectoral index" or "shooting from 2" in an entangled situation. You know where the bullets are going because you have a good tactile index, and the downward angle helps keep you from scoring any own goals if the projectiles over-penetrate.

(Incidentally, the second and third photos are broadly similar to how I messed up my intercostals last year. I was probably smiling as they tore, too, because of the "Holy cow, this really works!" factor.)