Thursday, January 03, 2019

It is finished...

Pistol: Ruger P-89
Caliber: 9x19mm
Ammunition: 800 rounds of MagTech 124gr FMJ, 550 124gr Blazer Brass FMJ, assorted other FML to include Remington, Federal, Sig Elite, S&B. Also some Sig V-Crown
Dates of testing: 13 November 2018 - 2 January 2019
Total rounds fired: 2000
Stoppages: 0
Malfunctions: 0
Breakages: 0

Comments: Lubed with FP-10 before starting. Visible FP-10 still weeping from rails today. Awkward to shoot. Crazy reach to trigger for DA first shot. Vague single-action trigger. Massive slide reciprocating that far above where your grip stops on the light aluminum frame makes it like shooting a Shake Weight. Vague sights, with a tiny front that dirtied fast.

Initial range trips produced laughable attempts at "speed"...

Three and four round strings struggling to dip much below .5 splits and spraying bullets everywhere...

Two months later, big goofy mag dumps dipping into the low .3 range show that, even with a difficult pistol to shoot well, one of the easiest performance modifications is two cases of ammo...