Monday, January 14, 2019

The worst thing...

...about being mired in the middle of the Great American Kulturkampf of This Current Year, and having friends across all points of the political spectrum, is that everyone... and I do mean everyone ...feels free to walk up and dump their current political gripe right in your lap.
"Oh, my God! Can you believe what that [harpy/moron], [Pelosi/Trump] just did? [She/He] wants to [raise your taxes to 100% to send crackheads to college/kill all the brown people]!"
Because surely every right-thinking person is as worked into a total lather over this issue as they are.

Look, if you can't even talk about politics without sounding even more distraught than [Alex Jones/the average NPR call-in listener], it's time for a complete news fast. I prescribe three weeks without FaceTwitter, talk radio (either AM or NPR flavored), and TV news.

Unclench. The world won't stop spinning while you're gone.