Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Plans afoot!

Just got some Clear Ballistics gel blocks in. While I have other plans for two of them, tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day for a range trip, and so I'm probably going to try something out...

I haven't shipped the Charter Arms Bulldog XL back yet, and so I'm going to take it, my 296, and maybe my 629, along with a 2" .38 Special and my 9mm CCW gun and shoot some jello for shade-tree science.

I have some of the popular self-defense loads for each and, while I'm pretty sure of the results, it'll be fun to get some photos. Hypothesis: I'd probably rather use 9mm 124gr +P Gold Dots than, say .45 Colt 225gr Silvertips or .44 Spl 200gr LSWC. See, while the popular self defense loads for these things are heavy, they're also slow and lack sectional density. (Fortunately they don't often expand through heavy clothing, because if they do, it robs them of what penetration they do have.)